What is a Structured Cabling System?

A Structured Cabling System (SCS) is a flexible, expandable, and intelligent system combining both copper and fiber optic cabling. A single type of cable can link together any type of equipment. The result? Simplified connections, easier office moves and reduced costs. The SCS adapts to your needs, not the other way around. It adapts to all types of devices, telephones, computers, printers, faxes, etc., without having to install new wiring.

Why is Cabing so Important?

50% of network problems are related to cabling problems, yet only 2% of your network investment is data cabling. These network problems translate into increased support costs, increased downtime, and unsatisfied users. Emerging bandwidth intensive applications, like voice over IP, IP-based video conferencing and digital audio and video, are becoming reality. Businesses expect their information technology (IT) investment to impact their bottom line; to increase sales, decrease operational costs and improve product quality. Now, more than ever, information plays a vital role. The successful delivery of that information within and across enterprises is an absolute necessity. To that end, a reliable, high performance cabling foundation is key.

How can we help?

Whether your organization requires re-cabling an existing facility, cabling a new building, or linking several building together, Network Cabling Services, Inc. (NCS) BICSI® certified RCDD® designers and technicians will design and install your cabling system based on EIA/TIA standards and in compliance with all applicable codes and regulations. We can manage your project from design through implementation and at the end of the project provide complete network documentation including cable test results, system warranty, as-built drawings, telecommunication room layouts, and more.

Why Hire an RCDD?

An RCDD is a Registered Communications Distribution Designer who has attained the status of exceptional excellence in the field. The RCDD designation is recognized industry-wide as indicating superior design expertise. RCDD is a designation for individuals who demonstrate expertise in the design, integration, and implementation of telecommunications (voice, data, video, audio and other low-voltage control) transport systems and their related infrastructure components. An RCDD is responsible for the detailed design of new systems and/or the integration of a design into an existing system. These systems can include combinations of voice, data, video, audio and low-voltage control.

The Bottom Line

A network cabling infrastructure is the foundation on which all other network equipment depends. A cabling system should be viewed as a long-term investment with a view towards the future. Technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. The cabling infrastructure needs to be able to handle today’s technology, and allow seamless migration to future technologies.